Upgrading Tasks to Projects

You'll eventually realize that some tasks are just too big to be just 1 task.

I recently realized that I usually list tasks in my To Do list that I seem to never finish in a day.

Going the analog route made me see this habit of mine. Sometimes, it leads to frustration at the end of the day because I cannot finish my tasks list.

So I took a step back and realized that I needed to break it down and treat it like a mini project instead of just 1 task.

It’s been going well so far. I only added 1 rule to my daily tasks routine.

The rule is simple.

If you can’t finish the task that day, automatically make it a project and break it down to smaller milestones or tasks.

I could improve with what I put in my To Do list, learn to identify these earlier even before I put them in my list and I can also delegate tasks earlier.

Running a bootstrapped SaaS can be very time consuming and draining. Having a simple productivity setup will help save you brain cells and minimize daily frustrations.

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