Delegation and Learning to Let Go

Sometimes, you just have to let go. You can't do everything.

I used to think that doing things on my own was the fastest way to get things done.

I can plan it and execute each step to my liking. I had full control.

Yup, I was that person.

When you read books about successful people, they always say to delegate, they have gate keepers, they trust people to do and carry out their jobs. Delegation, training, hiring, mingling with people, whatever. Those were all things I DREADED because of the work involved.

Over time, I have changed my beliefs.

I understood it’s value more and more. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. It was all in my head!

I used to do SaaS demos on my own, now I have a team on the field. I used to customize parts of the software to make it fit better for the users but I have people doing that now. From content, to having a research team to continue our focus innovation processes. Sure, it wasn’t easy, it’s hard to let go of old ways and it’s a work in progress but in time, things will get better.

I’ve seen it first hand. I’m a believer now.

It doesn’t only mean less work for me, actually, I have more work now because I can work on higher level tasks but it did free up my time from wasting it on small and sometimes repetitive tasks that add up even if it just takes a few minutes each.

I also now have time to do deeper thinking now. I’m reading a book called Stillness is the Key right now and it’s resonating with me. I am noticing that I have time to sit in quiet, think about what the next major step is and plan things properly.

I can actually see the direction of the company and steer it, instead of being in the trenches all the time where you just couldn’t see the “trees” as they always say.

Identify what you can delegate. Be mindful of how you delegate as well. Give time to the person you are delegating to. Try it for some time before completely letting go.

Start with one thing and go from there.

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