SaaS SEO [Part 2]

Still tackling basic concepts for SaaS SEO

So, you now know that you need to establish the brand of your SaaS for SEO purposes. Take care of your brand by the way. Your reputation is super important and you can make it reflect in the search results.

Now, let’s continue to build up on that concept and establish the importance of “mentions” for your brand.

I touched up a little on that in Part 1 but I’ll elaborate on that further here.

So, when I say “mentions” - I literally mean people mentioning your brand.

  • Let’s say you have a friend that blogs and he mentions your SaaS’ brand in his content. That’s a mention.

  • You have a friend in the news industry and mentioned your brand in his column. That’s a mention.

  • You have friends on social media that tweet or post about you. Those are mentions.

  • There are also review websites where people, hopefully your users, can post about their reviews.

  • There are also pages where you can put up your brand like app directories or sites like Product Hunt.

Heck, I’m 100% sure videos on Youtube are being “transcribed” automatically, which also adds to your mentions. Just make sure the vlogger/content creator also puts a link in the description to your SaaS’ website.

I consider all of those as mentions.

It’s like somebody in the real world telling somebody about you. It’s that simple.

Get more people to talk about your brand = your brand becomes a more relevant brand.

Get more people to talk about your brand + talk about what you do = your brand becomes more relevant to that topic.

See the point?

Let’s use your friend that blogs as an example.

When he/she blogs about you, maybe nudge him/her a little bit to talk about what you do and who you serve, usually with your main keywords mentioned in the same sentence as your brand. Maybe dedicate another content piece about you related to that later on down the line.

It’s like for my SaaS, I’d like SeriousMD to be related to EMR in the Philippines because those are the people that I serve. My brand should be relevant to that.

Maybe get a link to your SaaS website URL as well on that mention! Get him/her some coffee for it or something. This link is what’s called a backlink and it’s still important to this day.

Personally, in my head, I consider mentions as a backlink but getting an actual link back to your website is definitely sweeter. Try for both.

Lesson: Don’t overlook mentions. It builds relevance and you can build natural backlinks through it as well.

I’ll see you in SaaS SEO [Part 3]

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