SaaS SEO [Part 1]

Because SEO is still very important for your SaaS. It’s freaking free traffic and leads.

A lot of people overthink SEO.

Sure, it’s not that easy. There are concepts you need to understand and technical know-how that you need to know that to be able to maximize your results.

But if you think about it, with SEO, you just need to be better than your competition right now. You can worry about destroying them with super elite SEO skills later on.

When it comes to SaaS SEO, chances are, your competitors in the same space aren’t that savvy as they need to conserve funding, which is why a lot of them go for ads first. If they do spend $1000++/month on SEO, then a lot of them will stop spending eventually if their product isn’t up to par.

I wanted to create a quick intro about SaaS SEO here just so I can help out some of you that are lost with this topic. Note that this is not an in-depth guide (if you want to see an SEO Checklist, checkout my SEO checklist at but more of a mindset shift and understanding concept type of post. No SEO magic and trickery, at least for now, perhaps it can be for a future article that I can post here.

So… let’s get started.

The thing I want to talk about in this article today is your brand. (Note that this is just Part 1 of ♾)

A lot of people ask me what they need to choose for their domain name.

Ok, so, let’s talk about your domain name.

My answer is simple, think about your brand and that domain should be about your brand. Try to get a .com though. I really hate the other domain extensions and it’s a bit iffy to rank them but it’s possible. Just not a fan. I always feel like I have to do more work when I use other domain extensions.

I want you to look at it this way.

When I say toothpaste, you’ll think of Colgate or even Sensodyne.

With SEO, when I type the service that you offer, I WANT YOUR BRAND TO BE CONSIDERED AS RELEVANT TO IT.

You don’t have to show up yet in the top 10 of results, just be considered relevant by Google first.

How do we get to that? Let’s make your brand be seen as a “brand” first.

I want you to nail the basics first.

  1. Have Google Search Console and Google Analytics activated for your site.

  2. Build properties (social properties, Google Maps, etc) that talk about your brand.

  3. Get mentions from other business directories and blog posts or news sites.

  4. Optimize your page (we’ll dive into this in another part)

  5. Get freaking reviews. Get app reviews, Facebook reviews, Capterra reviews etc etc.

  6. Create “Alternative to” pages so you can compare your SaaS to other brands similar to what you do.

Got that?

Remember today’s lesson: Build Your BRAND for SEO. It’s a quick win because you can easily rank for your brand and it will start building your brand’s relevance to your niche and your target keywords as you do that.

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