Good Enough is Better Than Perfect

Because it is. You're just wasting your time.

As SaaS and technology founders, we tend to want to be perfect.

With each release, we want it to be liked and well received on the first release.

With major versions, we want it to wow and be perfect and not cause trouble to customers so they won’t have to complain.

That would be nice if we had all the time and funding in the world.

And reality sometimes brings us unusual circumstances.

We are forced to ship good enough, rather than perfect and you know what? It’s almost always the right way to go.

You will get to market earlier.

You can test theories earlier.

You can improve faster.

Sure, your product might be far from perfect, like how you envision it to be but if the CORE is there already, just ship it out.

Talk to your customers. Tell them about it and what you are doing to improve it.

They will appreciate it and they will support your work.

This isn’t rocket science.

Do you want to have something out OR not? That’s it.

PS. I’m not telling you to release crap. It should at least be good enough. LOL

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