The Human Spirit is Incredible

It's incredible.

Dennis Seymour

We got a message the other day that the government is looking for “volunteers” to help the healthcare workers in the front line by doing telehealth.

So, it’s natural for us to just ask our community if they wanted to join. If they did, then we would join it with them.

I was skeptical because the people, specifically the healthcare workers are really pissed right now due to the insulting things they have experienced the past week.

But you know what, I was surprised.

In less than an 30 minutes, we got so many volunteers already.

I thought they wouldn’t want to because it’s free and it’s the government asking.

So what made them volunteer?

It’s the human spirit to beat all odds. Their brothers and sisters are out there and holding the fort. They want to do their part to help ease the clog in the healthcare system. They don’t even care if it’s free.

They’d rather help and serve, rather than fret about the policies and inconveniences the government has caused them over the years.

Such a beautiful thing, the human spirit is.

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