Feeling Like Time is Passing You By

You are now in quarantine. Much like other people in the world.

The world is in quarantine or at least social distancing, AKA stay the fuck away from me.

You’re probably at home, lying on the couch thinking what you need to do next because you’re sick of watching the same news about politicians that don’t have their shit together.

You check your watch and hey… it’s already Wednesday.

“What am I doing with my life???”

For us, it’s still business as usual and we’re working really hard even at a time like this.

For many, it feels like a vacation and it would be hard to get back to work when things DO settle down.

Like I said, it is an unprecedented time and innovation will happen.

Do you really think when quarantine is over, people will go back to normal immediately? It’s not because the virus can just hit one and spread again.

You need to start thinking of ideas. You can help the community, your country, the world.

Innovate, think of ideas, start new a new business while in quarantine. Create a new passion project that you’ve always put off. This is the time.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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