How Are We Getting Work Done at SeriousMD During The Home Quarantine

What do we use to communicate during this time of quarantine/lockdown here in Manila, Philippines

In this situation, most tech companies should be able to adjust. Most of the tools used are already online like Gitlab/Hub etc.

But there are things that are easier to do when in the office together, face to face, like working on UI stuff, discussing the new feature sets and structures, etc.

But during this community quarantine, we’re all working from home. All of us and that means “handling kids + work” for me. 😅

It doesn’t mean we need to cruise. Our users are relying on us to build solutions to help them in their daily lives as it is NOW and when things start to adjust again after the current situation. Things will never be the same.

So we have to make the most of this time. People need us and we need to perform.

How are we getting work done?

By keeping things simple.

  • Slack = team chat as usual. 1 on 1 calls IF needed

  • Vectera = team meetings. Everybody hops on for a call. Dedicated virtual rooms per team. White board access, co-browsing, file attachments etc. All saved in the virtual meeting room.

  • Google Docs and Sheets = for everything else that needs to be tracked or documented.

That’s pretty much it.

The key to working from home is not having the most tools, it’s getting everybody on the same page to use the tools the same way, for what they are intended to do.

We’re building cool new shit that we hope will blow our users away (not away but.. you know what I mean) during this critical time. If you’re team is still adjusting to the work from home lifestyle, then try to dumb things down and get everybody on the same page. Things will work out. Trust me.

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