Communicating About Your SaaS' Updates

If you're not doing it, then you're wasting opportunity to connect with your market

I have to be honest, I thought it would be EASY to tell your users what you’ve been doing and what you’re planning.

I was easy at first, I had time and I could craft a message that’s not rushed.

Then, it started to get harder because you’ll notice different kinds of users that you simply cannot hit. These are the ones that end up churning because they don’t know what you’ve been doing. They feel like you aren’t living up to being a “service” to them.

It’s super important to communicate everything you do with your clients. It’s overkill for many and you want to minimize things because we all get so many notifications and emails everyday. If you just randomly blast messages out, your other users that primarily use that channel will get fed up with you.

So, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a fine line.

I suggest 3 things:

  • Identify all forms of channels to communicate your updates

  • Identify your main channels where a majority will consume (where most of your clients consume their content)

  • Build a schedule around the main channels and the minor channels

You can then start a test.

Start by updating the minor channels more often.

Then you can do less updates to the main channels BUT have more detailed info so they can check it in one go (make sure to hit all the main channels)

If the results are great, then continue. Do not forget to keep testing this and work your way to get to at least 50% open rates. Clients will feel more informed and invested in your product.

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