Communications Channels you Can Use To Reach Your SaaS Clients

There are a lot of them, it's not just email and push notifications.

There are simply more than channels out there than just email.

And you have to identify them and test which is the best one for your SaaS.

Here’s an initial list so you don’t have to think too much:

  • Email

  • SMS (yes, this is still vital in today’s world)

  • Push notifications

  • In-app notifications

  • Facebook Page

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Groups

  • A Notifications area in your app

  • A What’s New area in your app

  • Your blog

  • Manual calls to your list

  • Manual snail mail to your list

  • Social Media (Twitter/ Instagram/ etc)

  • Messenger groups (Viber/ etc)

There’s a lot of ways you might be able to think of as you do these. It really depends on your niche and who knows, you might eventually realize that using a Telegram group might be better.

It’s a lot of work but you need to keep it up. People consume media in various ways.

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