Burnt Out?

I'm pretty sure I am and I'm toughing it out.

I’ve been working non-stop since the week before the ECQ here in the Philippines. It’s been 5+ weeks already

I get some sleep about 3-5 hours and I’m back on the computer throughout the day.

Kids are complaining, wife is also stressed out.

But I have a business to run and potential customers that I need to capture right now.

I’m starting to feel it. Mentally, things are starting to get really heavy.

I can see why it’s hard for some people to just give up, give in or do something nasty in this situation, with this state of mind.

I’ve been praying and meditating more the past week. I stopped writing for a bit to clear time for me to do those things and I’m now back on track for the start of the week.

I just have to push forth. People need me but my family also needs me. I have to come to some sort of balance. I hope the work we’ve put in pays off in the long run.

If you feel like that, make sure to talk to people, tell them about it. Write if you need to or just take a little break. We all have the mindset to keep pushing and just let will power override everything.

It’s ok.

Realize it early and take a step by back and put yourself first for once.

Drop me a DM and say Hi. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.