An Oversubscribed Mindset

You need this mindset to succeed.

There’s a basic term and mindset that I want you to adapt with your SaaS.

I want you to aim and be oversubscribed.

o·ver·sub·scribed /ˌōvərsəbˈskrībd/ adjective

applied for in greater quantities than are available or expected.

We may get caught up in tactics for marketing and lead generation. As managers, we overthink management styles, overvalue team building techniques and so on.

We forget though, that all of these activities don’t mean much if the business isn’t oversubscribed.

Every part of your business needs to be over subscribed.

If you want to hire top talent, you need to be oversubscribed for top talent.

If you want to sell products, those products need more buyers than supply can allow.

If you run a SaaS, you need subscribers that will be able to take down your servers.

Being oversubscribed requires nothing more than a situation whereby some people who really wanted something had to miss out on having it.

Yes, some people will miss out.

Naturally, you want to sell to everyone who’s willing to buy and yet that very mindset prevents you from becoming oversubscribed.

It’s a difficult situation because nobody wants to miss out, right?

Sure, with SaaS businesses, it can be easier to scale growth compared to usual business models but I still want you to adapt that oversubscribed mindset. I want you to build your business with this in mind, be relentless, show your value and be oversubscribed.

This is by no means a tutorial post. I just want to “suggest” this mindset to make you think and be laser focused. Maybe you’ll get a breakthrough idea that will push your company over the top.

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