Does Your SaaS Give Value?

What is the value that you bring to your customers?

I, like you, am an entrepreneur and I love generating new business ideas.

Sometimes, though, we get ideas that are not really umm… well thought of.

There are a lot of ways and processes that you can read about when it comes to validating business ideas but at the start, there’s really no need to waste too much time. We just have a bunch of unclear ideas and we just have to weed through them quickly.

I usually just run it through 1 test.

I just ask myself:

What value does it have to my (future) customers?

In which case, I will usually just put myself in the position of the customer. If it goes through me, then there’s potential.

Value is a vague word though.

So, what kind of “value” am I looking for?

Simple, with the questions below, I look for a combination of 2 or more.

  • Does it save me money?

  • Does it save me time?

  • Does it save me effort?

  • I come up with a price, will I be willing to pay this amount?

Of course, I’m never going to be as accurate compared to actually finding people that will be potential customers but I am just the initial filter. Getting through “myself” means I have something there already.

I just want something quick before going through a validation test because let’s face it, it’ll take time to set that up.

It’s best to get started ASAP rather than just being stuck in the ideation phase.

How about you? How do you validate your ideas quickly?

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