Your Startup's Biggest Enemy - Bureaucracy

I hate it.

I know there’s a need to having a system in place but bureaucracy just kills everything.

The past months, we’ve been dealing with companies that are bureaucratic as shit. I’ve seen first hand how shitty these systems can be. It’s absolutely frustrating.

They would ask for proposals or ask for meetings as they “REALLY WANT” to work with you.

You’ll then explore it with them, waste time in your day and try to spoon-feed everything in most cases.

Some also try to clamp you down with contracts that do not make sense because the top just said it should be signed. I don’t understand why they cannot see nor understand these things are hurting their potential.

Some employees we’ve spoken to, even if he’s in THE position to make a decision, would be so hesitant to make one because of fear of getting chewed out even if it’s clearly going to be ultra beneficial to their company.

It’ll take weeks to get any sort of update and it would just be a simple reply with no progress.

You’re in a fucking pandemic and your system cannot adjust. It’s just there to hold the fort. You are missing opportunities.

It makes everything slow. EVERY SINGLE THING.

What should take minutes to decide would take months and another few months once appealed or updated a bit.

Your startup should not operate like that and if possible, force your hand on possible partners that would adjust to your speed as well.

Remember, your biggest advantage as a startup is speed. Everybody else is slow, use that advantage and take over. Blow them away and if they really want to work with you, then they will need to pick up the pace.

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