Your SaaS' Main Communication Channel

Do you know which is your most important channel to communicate with your SaaS users or are you just randomly sending out messages everywhere?

Do you know the best way to reach your users and potential users?

Do you just blast your messages every way you can just to see what sticks? Maybe you have a chat system, Intercom or an auto-responder system and just blast push notifs and emails out?

If you aren’t tracking your messages and performance, you are wasting time, opportunity and money.

You are throwing away all 3 of those.

I suggest doubling down on your most effective channel.

  • Identify your best performing/converting channel.

  • Be completely smitten and anal with the stats for that and see what you can do better.

  • Optimize your messages and timing.

  • Set a time for your test (like 1-2 months)

  • Launch.

  • Schedule a review once the test timeline is done and prepare another test based on your learnings.

With your learnings there you can then apply it to the lesser performing channels, such as push notifications, SMS, instant messaging, Chatbot broadcasting and so on.

Got it? Go do it!

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