Your Competitors Are Just as Clueless (Initially)

You’re starting up and clueless. Just like your competitors.

If you are creating a new market (as is often the case for tech startups) your best chance to succeed is to take the time and actually figure out how to become relevant to the right people.


Most startups spend way too much time obsessing over their clueless competition. They check their every move, their every feature.

If the competition is going for a land grab, they feel compelled to do the same.

If the competition releases a feature, they feel like they need to do that too.


You see, you are missing out on things you can actually do to set yourself apart from the pack.

You need to look towards innovation. Towards your product-market fit.

Your product-market fit (as cliche as that might sound) should be your priority.

Not 1-upping your “competitor” that’s just as clueless as you are.

Remember, resources are limited, so make the most out of it.

It’s ok to passively monitor your competition (in case they figure something out) but spend the majority of your time getting to know your early users. They hold all the answers for reaching your full market potential.

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