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Why Am I Writing Here Anyway?

Why Am I Writing Here?

I plan to write here every day for this year of 2020. There's no real reason but there's something inside me that wants to start writing again.

I've stopped "official" blogging for over 4 years now and completely stopped writing for over a year.

I wanted to focus a lot more of my energy in growing SeriousMD, a SaaS healthcare platform that I'm currently running over here in the Philippines.

Recently, aka last week… I felt the need to write again.

"Free form" writing mostly.

Not worrying about SEO, not worrying about the length of my content. Not worrying about CTR, CTA, analytics and what people think.


It's what attracted me to blogging in the first place over a decade ago.

Anyway, I plan to write here about my journey unusual transition to a SaaS founder.

I'm not an IT grad, I can't write code for sh*t, I can't do any of those technical things.

I'm a dad. A civil engineering graduate that never practiced. I’m just a guy that took a risk.

I'm choosing Substack to be my daily platform. It’s a gonna be a mix of things in my head, online marketing, local strategies and my learnings in SaaS.

I don't really plan on building an audience here but if you're reading my content and find them useful, thank you very much for your support.

I don't post on social media often, but drop me a DM and say Hi. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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