Will SaaS Be Ok After This?

Business owners get a lot of flak especially in situations like this, but business owners are also worrying a lot of other things.

I was asked this week, with the declining economies globally, would a SaaS model still be the way to go?

Honestly, times like this will clearly show that the SaaS model works.

The global numbers don’t lie. Look at all the studies coming out now.

People will still complain about subscriptions but it’s been part of our lives since we can remember. Look at it like a utility bill. You pay each month. People don’t complain they have a Netflix or Spotify bill even if they don’t use it. Companies pay retainers and stupid maintenance bills they never use each month. You pay for a landline phone that you never even use. People will pay for subscriptions.

How is that different from a SaaS model? It’s really not.

SaaS is viable and is still viable moving past the pandemic.

Of course, your niche/industry is vital but to say the SaaS model doesn’t work, well, that’s not right.

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