What's Your Main SaaS Priority Now?

You'll get to a point that you'll know exactly what you need to track to grow.

As founders, we read a lot of things about growth and tracking the right metrics.

It’s correct, you will need to focus on a certain type of user or increase a certain action etc. in order to get you to the next level.

You know what would be great? It would be great if you can do that at the start of your SaaS BUT for many of us starting with a SaaS, you already have so much to do and often times, what you thought initially was the thing you need to track for growth and get you to that hockey stick moment, is not the thing you really need to track.

I literally realized mine just last week.

If something is clearly not working, stop doing it. Find what’s working, triple down on that and the revenue will follow.

This is why it’s exciting and you shouldn’t stop learning. Don’t forget about your analytics and of course, keep an open mind.

This is just a short and probably vague post but you’ll understand it when you get to that realization. 😆

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