Using Language Your Users Can Relate To

Because that's how you get your point across.

I heard this line before I started my SaaS journey, even before my digital marketing life started decades ago.

I, of course, was skeptical about advices and didn’t really appreciate it.

I said: “How would I know what customers would say? I need to make it on my own.”


It was a challenge to reach my target audience. Though I got them to sign up for my email list, they just don’t respond much.

I did get some support tickets and random messages from ultra persistent people (which are RARE, so appreciate them) and I noticed a pattern with what they were saying.

So I used that in my materials. From subject lines, to posters, to websites etc.

Then the messages and comments and emails started coming in.


Now, I’m passing it over to you. Trust me, it’ll work. Just find the pattern and you’ll have the key.

Drop me a DM and say Hi. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.