Understanding Why SaaS Users Ask

Why is your SaaS getting weird questions??

Once you start to grow and pick up momentum, your startup will start receiving the most unusual questions.

You’d start to wonder why are they asking this?

How would they not know how to do it?

Is this guy high? It’s already in front of you.

But at the end of the day, this is an interested and potential user that just need a helping hand or just want to see if somebody will reply to him.

The better question you should be asking is “Why did they even need to ask you?”

If you realize and quantify these questions, you’ll start to notice trends.

You’ll start to see that he’s not the only one asking about it.

You have to understand that these users might have never seen any other software outside their web browser.

Your job is to guide them to that aha moment.

Lessen your support tickets by designing answers to their questions into your design.

Bring them to that first aha moment and you will see you usage improve.

Could it as simple as sending an automated message when they arrive at a certain point? Maybe. But I would suggest to add an on-screen queue as well. Perhaps a tool tip here and there.

The faster they get to what they are looking for, the faster you win.

I’ll see you next week!

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