Toolbox - Obsidian

Shiny tools...

I am not really a nerd or anything but I have this fascination with tools or anything that would make it feel like I’m being more productive. So I’ll start a series of posts that I’ll call the Toolbox.

Today, I’ll share my latest toy.

It’s called Obsidian and you can check it out here.

I’ve only been using it the past few couple of weeks and I can say that this is my new Note taking tool.

I like Notion, but never liked it enough due so many things I can do with it, I always ended up going back to Things 3.

For Obsidian’s case, I treat it purely for note taking, capturing ideas and sometimes, for crafting content.

I’m not yet a heavy power user as I’m still learning the ropes of backlinking notes together but I’m getting the hang of it.

There are a ton of YouTube videos out there but to me, if you want to start with it, just try to keep it simple.

As with any tool, each time you try to make it more complicated, the higher the chance that you won’t use it.

I started off treating it as a notepad, then it replaced my Scrivener and now it’s the inbox. Definitely geeking out when the whole linking thing is put together!

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