This Corona Virus Thing isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon, What's Your SaaS Doing About it?

The Corona Virus is in the news everywhere. Your SaaS might be able to help.

No, I’m not saying you should go and cash in and ride this wave. I’m saying that this is the time that SaaS companies can start to innovate and have new technology be adopted more because there’s a disruption in the daily routine.

You can do a lot of good in a situation like this and I truly believe that most SaaS companies out there have a way to contribute.

This post is just meant to encourage you to give it a thought so I’ll be very brief and spare you a long read-through.

We are all busy and we all have so much in the pipeline but when it comes to these situations, we can all help each other. We can fight this pandemic and we can innovate great things.

Tell me about your ideas and what you’re already doing via DM. I’d love to hear all about it!

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