Taking a Day Off to Re-Focus

Sometimes, you just have to take a step back.

For most entrepreneurs, taking a day off is a sign of weakness.

It’s always about that “hustle” mentality.

Sure, you don’t stop hustling, but you also have to value your time.

Sometimes, you just hustle too much and don’t notice that you are actually just spending time on unimportant things.

Taking a step back might just be the thing you need.

Remember, productivity is all about your focus.

If you get distracted and start doing things that aren’t really important to your goals, then you’ll end up not hitting your goals.

It’s really that simple, so identify your distractions early. IF you need time to step back and re-focus, then take THAT time. It will save you even more time in the long run.

I usually pick a Sunday if I want to take a day off to disconnect and have some time with my thoughts and my notebook. The chances of unplanned work creeping is low and I’ll only have to worry about scheduling time with the family.

So, go ahead, try it. Take a Saturday off, or the whole weekend off. Refocus and come back on Monday more ready and more productive than ever.

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