Support Can Set Your SaaS Apart

Offering support is great but doing GREAT support will set you apart.

This is the 2nd day of me taking over home duties.

Much like yesterday, my priority = kids and then I'll mix in work in-between.

Then we got a message blaming us for an issue and that we have "changed" in terms of support because we haven't replied for over a month.

So I quickly checked our support area and found out that there wasn't any message and the last message was already resolved on the user's end months back.

I was a bit tired at that point. I really wanted to lash out as I'm fully aware of the timeline but I kept calm and trusted the team to handle it and they did.

This is where having a great communications and support software is crucial. You have the documentation, you are sure that it just works and the uptime is great.

Since the start of my SaaS journey, I fought for 1 thing with my partners and that is having Intercom integrated in every part of the software.

Live chat is everywhere and it's been copied to death by other companies by now but I stuck with Intercom, even if they are more expensive than others.

BUT it's not just the software alone because anybody can just get that software…

If you have an awesome tool like Intercom and couple that with a team that values support to it's users, then that will set you apart.

Let’s face it, in today’s day and age, users crave faster support response. NOBODY wants to wait on the phone for 30 minutes just to get a reply. Just understanding that and integrating it to what you do will set your SaaS apart.