Stay away from Gimmick Features

Because it's not what your users will want

It’s very easy to ride a wave. I’ve seen this happen time and time again with a lot of companies.

They end up building a new feature to attract attention but it eventually becomes more trouble than it’s worth.

A lot of times, these features stay in the limelight for a short while and are not sustainable long term, so you end up dropping it, which loses the users you got due to it.

Instead, focus on what your users need.

Your users are already with you, using your stuff and will help you get more users.

Putting up a quick gimmick feature may get you those extra sign ups but do not forget your long term plans. If you have a timeline that you’re following with your team, don’t throw it out the window because you just thought this new gimmick feature will put you over the top.

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