SaaS: Work in Progress

If you think the work will end, think again.

Newbie SaaS entrepreneurs always say:

“We’ll put in a year to do this and we’ll be cruisin’ after, we can focus on the next project then.”

I was once in that boat as well.

I thought working on the software would just take a year tops and we can ride that for years without investing much development anymore.

Boy was I wrong.

I’ve come to a realization that any SaaS is a work in progress. The work is NEVER done and if you’re done, that means the company is also done.

Technology will keep improving with or without you so if you want to survive, you have to adapt to these changes. The operating systems you run on will change. The behavior of people will change, hence your UI/UX should also change. If you have real paying subscribers, you will get suggestions, improvements and use-cases that you’ve never even factored in before.

It’s just the nature of the industry. The work is never over.

If you are going to start a SaaS, then you better be prepared to put in the work.

Your SaaS is a work in progress. It’s just the truth. Strive to keep getting better, add new things each week.

Another thing I learned with consistent progress? The time you put in also compounds over time and makes it harder for your competition to catch up.

Enjoy the journey with your team and your customers, it’s going to be a long ride but it will be worth it.

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