"Raw" Video: Don't Overthink, Just Start

How Using "Raw" Video Can Actually Help Your SaaS

You know, one of the things I’ve always wanted to do was video but I dreaded being in front of the camera and I dreaded the fact that I need to know what to say first because I’ll be blabbing about things and mistakenly say things that don’t need to be said.

Then that led to thoughts of a script.

Then led to thoughts of editing.

Then… you get the picture.

So one day, I just said screw this, I’ll start with it.

And that’s how I got started, that’s how I improved (at least I think I did!)

No editing, I just started recording myself from anywhere and sending videos.

I did recordings from the computer to send demonstration videos, recorded welcome videos on my phone and sent through Bonjoro, I sent videos through Instagram DM’s to check-in and so on.

It didn’t matter when I finally started. What kept me going was the response.

Video is indeed awesome with engagement. Though the person on the other side didn’t really know me, conversing through text coupled with video made them feel like that already knew me.

It made it easier for me to connect individually.

I guess it is like what they always say.

It’s the personal touch.

I hope you could give it a try, too.

PS. Nope, I don’t do YouTube, but I like the idea. 🤔

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