Prove It With Results

Being a SaaS, people will often have a love hate relationship with the idea of a subscription.

From experience, it’s used as an excuse by people to start their little noise. Probably so they can be relevant. Maybe get a freebie or something like a special treatment.

They would say things like:

  • Why don’t you do this like X does?

  • You should have this because Y does it like this.

  • Z replies on social media during our Twitter sessions blah blah.

You get the drift. If you run a SaaS, you’ve already heard those messages. Every once in a while, you will see a notification tagging your social media, or if you track mentions, you can see these rumblings start. Some do it inside Viber group or other private messaging groups just to stir up something.

First of all, most of the people that say those things are not even using your app so they do not know your value, they just have a perception of it. I would respect it if he/she is a user already.

Second, they probably do not use the competition as well. These aren’t your ideal customers. There’s a low chance of you converting them anyway, you’re just asking for more crap if you try to force convert these types to your side.

Third, you should prove it with your results and your progress with your SaaS. As a SaaS, you need to keep developing and moving the needle forward. It’s not enough to just stick with what brought you to the game. You need to continue to progress and improve your product, your service.

If you become stagnant and complacent, your users will lose trust.

Prove to them each and everyday that you are there, putting in the work.

Don’t be bothered by people that compare you to others.

Prove it to them by outworking everybody else.

Results matter.

The time you put in matter because it will compound to bigger things while your competition becomes complacent or loses focus.

Focus on your 1st 100 raving fans, then the next 500, the next 1000 and so on. Do it for them, not the noise.

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