Onboarding Through Webinars

Going through webinars is a pain but it helps people connect with you and your product.

I’ve always wanted to do webinars because it brings a whole new dimension of users that you’ve never met or will never meet ever. I’ve tried it a few times in the past. It just felt weird for me, personally. Talking on my own and just hearing a dead (silent) crowd with chat going crazy, it’s distracting.

But the past 3 weeks, I’ve done webinars and speaking gigs to 150-500 people per session practically every day.

It feels more comfortable now. People are more open to the idea.

But you don’t just have to use it to just do speaking gigs and promotions.

You can use webinars to onboard new users to your platform. Compared to 1 on 1, it might be more efficient as you can handle more than 1 person at a time.

Your time is important. Your team’s time is also important. It’s best to maximize it and reach as many people as possible when it comes to onboarding.

I would suggest doing some of the following:

  • Pre-registration is important. Get the emails!

  • Prepare a slide deck to give the outline of the webinar but basically, the sole purpose of it is to buy time because a lot will be late, so you don’t have to repeat it again

  • Have a core topic for the demo and just focus on that

  • Record it so you can reuse it

  • Have somebody with you to handle chat or curate the chat questions

Try it out and good luck!

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