Not All Your Ideas Are Worth It

During our SaaS journey, from building up the usage, creating new features to open new channels of potential income, coming up with new things your users will see value in and give them more ROI etc., we often encounter ideas that at first glance, is a smash bang home run.

So you jump and try to execute it as fast as possible. Since you’re a startup, being agile is your advantage so it wasn’t a problem to get it going.

You release and announce it to your users. You suddenly notice that it’s not welcomed as you’d hoped it would. It ends up costing you money, time and it’s extra work to kill that feature in the long run if you indeed want to stop it.

This happens a lot in many new startups. We get excited with the prospect of bringing in new perks for our users that we sometimes are blinded to not see the risks involved.

“Whoah, we’ll release this feature, it will game the system and send us and the users tons of traffic!”

You get to the point that you realize “Shit, this is too much work and overwhelming, but we’ll power through it.”

Then eventually… “Shit, the users are not using it.”

Things fall apart and that’s it for that. Congratulations, you’ve wasted a ton of time and resources.

Remember, as a startup, do not take your agility for granted. Just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. It might also end up hurting the overall product and can anger your users. Sometimes, stability is the killer feature.

All I’m trying to say is to maximize your team’s time. If you’re going to release features that are risky, you might as well test it with some people first and plan how to maximize the chance of users using it to increase your chances of success.

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