Messed Up My Daily Routine

Have a lot of goals this year and everything starts with my daily routine. I messed up but I just to keep moving forward and not be anal about it.

This Corona Virus situation here in the Philippines has gotten out of hand.

I have personally prepared for this but with the nature of my current tasks and daily work load, a good chunk of it will be affected by other people.

Hence, my routine has been messed up again.

I’ve stuck with my routine for the past 2 months and didn’t miss a beat but my schedule got messed up bad the past 4 days.

Normally though, I would just lose hope and give up and start over later in the year or next year.

But I’ve learned from my past mistakes. I will not fret about it nor will I let it affect my productivity. I’ll continue with my routine again and not be bothered by it.

That’s my lesson for you today.

As a founder / entrepreneur, you are probably following a daily routine or have daily habits that you’re building.

Momentum keeps you going and it’s a great feeling to accomplish so many things.

But you will stumble and if you do, it’s easy to just give up. I know how it feels. But I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t. Just continue it.

A routine or a streak being broken shouldn’t mean you should stop. Just soldier on and learn from it. Don’t let yourself be bothered by something like that. I know I did and looking back, I can see that it hurt my productivity. Don’t let it happen to you, too.

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