Just Launched a Telemedicine Platform to Help Filipino Doctors in the Philippines

Because we all can help somehow, just have to try.

We aren’t in the front lines. We aren’t even in the last line of this COVID pandemic.

We’re just somewhere in the middle, trying to do our best and do the right thing to help doctors reach as many patients as possible in this trying time.

It won’t get noticed, nor would it be appreciated, but we’re trying our best in this little pocket world of ours to contribute, to do the right thing.

We’ve spent countless hours, blood, sweat and money to bring out some features to help our doctors. The team didn’t even take a break.

9 days into quarantine, our sprints have resulted in various new tools and features for doctors. From being able to Bill patients, to being able to do online consults (telemedicine platform) and there’s even an online booking platform as well.

It’s currently Holy week here in the Philippines and yet, the battle continues.

Health workers are doing their thing. The doctors that use SeriousMD are now doing their thing to help lessen the patients that need to go to the hospital. We’re still doing a bunch of work behind the scenes, killing fires, testing, planning, developing and handling support.

I just hope it adds up and helps the country someway, somehow.

I was asked why we aren’t charging extra for these new features because of all the costs involved.

To be honest, we haven’t thought much about it. We just want to help while in quarantine. Sure, that’s the most gullible and naive answer ever. It has cost us a lot of money to build and deploy these things. It costs us even more money to maintain and operate it. But we just think it’s not right to think about it at this point in time.

The important part is that we band together and try to get through it. We’ll think about it after quarantine.

We’re just happy that our subscribers at least have not pulled out and continued to support us. Without that support, we’re already done as we’re already shouldering over our capacity just to run video/audio calls and shoulder practically all the SMS messages aside from our operating costs and the whole team continues to put in the work each and every day.

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