Helping A Whole City Fight COVID-19

A short post. I have no time. At all.

We work in the medical niche and serve doctors with our SaaS.

One of our users, who is one of the leaders in their community, in their city, had an idea and it involved us.

We are swamped with work and have a bunch of things we need to get out to our users to help in this trying time but when social responsibility knocks, you don’t let it wait. You step up and do your best.

We certainly do hope what we’re doing will save a lot of lives. That’s the most important part. If we could control the spread there, perhaps we can use that strategy to help other cities in the Philippines.

We all have to step up and do what we can, no matter how small. Sure, nobody will remember you after this is all over but the important thing is that you know you helped and you helped make a difference.

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