Having a Shutdown Ritual

Because you need to take care of yourself

I was feeling overwhelmed. I have been working straight 17 hour days for the past 7 days.

I was starting to burn out.

It was hard but I knew people are counting on us. Our users are counting on us. Their patients are counting on us.

So I have to push through and try to be an example for the team. We have to push through.

The next day, I was asked by a friend as to how I can just sleep instantly and wake up ready to go.

So, I thought about it and you know what, I noticed that I did have a shutdown ritual. I never realized that I had one.

I was doing the same things over and over again before sleeping and I never even knew. I realized that it’s very important. Why?

Because my brain won’t stop being in work mode until the shutdown ritual. That prevents me from having a restful sleep.

I’m sure you’ve had those nights where you are tired but your brain is still active and it’s still coming up with ideas. You just couldn’t sleep. And by the time you do sleep, it’s already 4 am and when you wake up, you feel more tired than ever.

So as a fellow entrepreneur, I think you should also have a shutdown ritual. Establish a routine that tells your brain, ok, it’s time to stop and rest.

It might sound simple but it isn’t. Try it, you might develop a great habit that prepares you for your next day grind. Good luck.

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