Going to Your Users

Going out and meeting the users of your SaaS. Try it. Do it.

One of my likes and dislikes in my SaaS is to actually visit the doctors that use our app.

I love meeting all of them and truly enjoy hearing their feedback, suggestions, thoughts and seeing how they use it in the real world scenarios.

I dislike it because I have to travel there, get through STUPID Manila traffic or even get through a busy and late airport. It’s that part that I really hate because the commute is necessary and it sucks.

Anyway, you might be wondering why I even bother to go out and meet our users and even new users.

First of all, It helps me build relationships with our users and that usually opens up the possibility of implementing new features specifically for certain people (perhaps there are some that we want to test) and it opens up a lot of doors for partnerships and collaboration.

Meeting them also keeps my pulse on the industry, competitors, possible hurdles in the future and things we can actually improve upon now.

Sure, I don’t go out and meet each and every one of our users. That would be impossible and it would render be useless with my other tasks but I do it when I can, even just to say hi or introduce myself.

When you’re working in front of the computer for most of the day, you don’t always get a chance to go and actually meet new people and when running a SaaS, nothing is more important that the customers that trust you and your brand.

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