Friends as Co-Founders

Do you think it's wise?

Dennis Seymour

I was asked if I would advice entrepreneurs to make their friends as their co-founders.

I am the type of person that values friendship. I work hard for other people and I rely on them to give me the same respect. It’s a relationship and you need it to be strong if you are to be partners.

For me, nothing is better than having your closest friends as co-founders. You already know them. You know how they work, their dedication, their effort, their strengths and weaknesses.

Compare it to having somebody come out of the blue. You don’t know him/her and you just made him a co-founder. I’d rather it be a friend I know. It’s not always about the money and funding when it comes to having a co-founder, most of the time, it’s the work involved. Can they do it?

Of course, you won’t completely get it right the first time, all the time. Some friends just act like they can but are not great business partners. Doesn’t mean they are not great friends.

Having partners in a business is subjective for sure, much like everything else in business, you learn as you go.

Did I make a mistake before? Yup. That’s how I learned. Did it cost money? Yes. Did it cost me my friends? No. Friends are friends. They will always be friends no matter what happens.

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