Founder Envy is a Distraction

You’ll meet other founders, but please don’t get distracted from what you need to get done in your own SaaS journey.

You will meet fellow founders, some on the same level as you and some way, way, way ahead of you.

Some will really flaunt their wealth. Traveling everywhere, enjoying those nice hotels, wearing all those expensive things. Their life seems so perfect. You want to be just like them. You will feel envious and wish that you were already there.

Identify that feeling. Use that as motivation, not as a distraction.

Just look at it like this.

Your fellow founders want you to succeed. Not everybody’s a selfish bastard that wants you to fail.

That’s why we join groups that want to support each other and even for someone like me that don’t like hanging out too much within groups, I always wish my fellow founders the best and will do what I can to help out.

Believe it or not, most of us want to see you grow your idea, your passion your business. It’s where we all came from.

We all started from somewhere.

I started with me and a computer back in the day. I sold stuff just to get by.

My SaaS started with 1 developer and eventually became 3 at the time of launch.

We understand the familiar struggles that you are going through.

If you think about it, you are already ahead of most of people because most are held back by fear. They just couldn’t move forward.

Just continue to learn from mistakes and execute well. It’s a never ending learning process.

Do not worry. What others have now, you too, will have it someday.

Things will get better over time.

Remember, what you have should not define your character. Work hard, you will grow over time as you continue to put in the work.

Never be envious of the things you see from people.

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