[Book Recommendation] What I Learned from The Phoenix Project

I don't do book reviews, but I can recommend.

I love reading non-fictions but I didn’t know this was a non-fiction until the middle part of the story.

HONEST. I really had no idea simply because I could relate to what was being described in the story. Sure, I’m not a multi-billion dollar company like what the story revolves around on. I certainly don’t have thousands of employees but the lessons in the story are definitely applicable and happening to even the smallest of SaaS companies.

The Phoenix Project is a rockstar book. I recommended it to all my devs on the team. Why? Because I think it will help them more than me. The lessons help somebody like me understand what happens in the trenches of development but the actual lessons that can be implemented into the processes, well, it needs to be worked out with the team. I can only push for it but the realization part needs to be on them. As a founder, I need to empower them.

Super quickly, here’s what you can learn in the book.

4 types of work:

  • Business projects and backlogs

Building controls, compliance efforts. Whatever related to business.

  • Internal projects

Support tools, security tools, asset inventory, assessments for security and vulnerability

  • Operational changes (just “Changes” in the book)

Patches, upgrades, whatever.

My favorite. Firefighting, shit breaking down and even attacks.

It’s important to understand and classify the work you do in your SaaS. That way, you can implement it in the “3 ways” thought in the book.

You’ll learn about the 3 ways and the focusing steps you need to do with your constraint, so go and enjoy this fun read.

Listen to it on Audible. That’s how I read books for the past 15 years. I’m in traffic often and it’s hard to find actual time to sit down and read. Why not just listen to it when I’m at my most unproductive?

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