Bad Internal Habits Can Come Back To Bite You

Ever since we got started, we’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing.

It’s a testament to the commitment that we have on working on the product and to our customers.

But doing that comes with some sacrifices and main thing that gets hit is process.

As the product was getting bigger and bigger and as we added more team members, we noticed that we were slowing down more and more due to different constraints.

Reviewing everything, we’ve decided that it was time to take charge of internal processes. We were getting bogged down with a lot of unnecessary things and it was affecting the team as well. We decided to take a step back from our usual ra ra ra method and just sacrifice a bit short term for something to be better for us in the long term.

In your company, you will probably face this at some point as well.

You will notice that you also take shortcuts to get things out as soon as possible but this is often offset by something else long term which prevents you to release X earlier.

Having a better process, you can work those plans out early and minimize issues in the future.

I’m not saying you should be slow, I just want you to learn from our mistake. Put in a process early for your team and decide when you can take those shortcuts if needed. It’s very hard to correct processes if your team gets used to doing things a certain way.

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